The Most Color In One Session

If you are looking for the most color in one quick session high pressure tanning is what you are after! Our selection of high pressure tanning beds give you the most color and the least amount of burning rays of any bed in the tanning industry. Our high pressure tanning beds can also be used daily to give you lots of color very quickly.


Whats most impressive is that not only do these tanning beds have the least amount of burning rays but most people can go the maximum amount of time in these tanning beds without burning even on their first visit!

High pressure tanning is the best option for someone looking to safely get color quickly. These tanning beds not only give great color right out of the tanning bed but they also allow your body to naturally produce more color for up to three days later! These are not the old tanning beds you may have been used to from years ago!

We also offer tanning beds that have high pressure facial tanning bulbs and low pressure body tanning lamps to get you a good base tan and great color for your face!

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