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HydraFacial MD facials have been one of the industry leaders when it comes to anti-aging facials. The HydraFacial MD system is designed to remove all impurities from your skin and infuse the skin the anti-aging serums that leave your skin rejuvenated and more youthful.

HydraFacial MD facials are a four step process that takes roughly thirty minutes to complete depending on what you are trying to treat specifically.

HydraFacial MD was designed with all skin types in mind so regardless of your skin type, HydraFacial MD is for you! Everyones skin needs the same basic compounds to be healthy. HydraFacial MD specifically targets those needs.

Step one of the HydraFacial MD system is a cleansing process. This is the process that removes dead skin cells and other impurities located on the outermost layers of the skin allowing us to clean your skin more deeply than traditional facials.

Step two is an acid peel. This step in our HydraFacial MD system is used to remove impurities that are more difficult to remove. This acid peel is not like traditional acid peels however. It is a pain free acid peel that targets specifically the outermost layers of skin and the impurities on it.

Step three is the extraction process. This step is where we use the wand on the HydraFacial MD system to remove impurities that are actually down in your pores. During this step you just feel a gentle suction on the treatment areas.

The final step of our HydraFacial MD treatment is the serum application. During this step we apply a topical solution that is full of the compound that your skin needs to be healthy.

This is a facial treatment you will be sure to come back for! Clients leave feeling refreshed and always come back after feeling how smooth and healthy their skin feels. This is an unbelievable able treatment for those who suffer from acne issues as well since it promotes health skin and helps to lessen the frequency of breakouts when used regularly.

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