All-Inclusive Services

Like the feeling of going on an all-inclusive vacation, being able to have what you want, when you want it? Then our Complexion All Access membership program is for you! 

With our All Access program you get UNLIMITED access to some of our spas best services such as:

• Unlimited spray tanning

• Unlimited low pressure tanning

• Unlimited high pressure tanning

• Unlimited red light therapy collagen treatments

You also get amazing discounts on services you might want to as an additional service but may not necessarily want to use all the time such as:

• Discounts on tanning lotions

• Discounts on beauty products

• Discounts on teeth whitening

If this sounds like something you would like to have we would like to invite you out to take a tour of our location and see all of our tanning equipment as well as the other spa services we have to offer. Once you are ready to join get signed up and begin enjoying all of our amazing tanning and spa services!