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High Pressure Stand-up Tanning Coming Soon!

With how popular our stand-up tanning beds are and the popularity of our high pressure lay down beds we are going to be adding the best of both worlds in one unit!

Introducing the Saturn stand-up high pressure tanning bed. The Saturn stand-up will offer the same great tanning power as our popular high pressure tanning beds but in an upright format.

The Saturn has one pretty big benefit over the traditional high pressure tanning bed and that is since you are not laying down it allows you to tan in places that are more difficult to tan while laying in a bed.

Our new Saturn High Pressure Stand-up is sure to be a huge hit with everyone!

If you are interested in seeing all we have to offer feel free to stop our for a free tour. During the tour we will show you all the equipment we have to offer, answer any questions you might have, and get you pricing information for the services you are interested in.

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