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Is Tanning Healthy?

Something people are constantly asking in the spa and tanning industry is if tanning is healthy or not. The short answer is yes, tanning can be healthy!

Studies have shown over the years that when done safely tanning can help boost the bodies vitamin D production the same way natural sun exposure does.

So what does tanning safely mean? Well, to safely tan its important that you have a certified technician running the tanning bed and speaking with you.

Certified technicians go through a lot of training to be able to determine what the safe level of exposure in a tanning bed is for you. Much like being out in the natural sun light there is a safe amount of exposure.

Vitamin D production helps the body in many different ways. Several of the most common benefits are that it helps your body to fight disease. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin D has even been shown to help reduce the likelihood of developing the flu! Studies have also shown it helps to prevent multiple sclerosis as well as heart disease.

Depression is at an all time high in our culture today. Much of that can be contributed to the lack of sunlight people are getting since they are always inside. Tanning allows you to get a healthy amount of UV exposure just like natural sun light in a short period of time allowing your body to produce vitamin D and combat depression!

So is UV Tanning really healthy? Yes!

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