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Welcoming Vita Liberata

We're so proud to announce that we now carry Hollywood's best kept secret to a radiant glow..Vita Liberata products! This organic line is what everyone is going crazy over, including celebrities such a Alicia Keys, Kendall Jenner, and ALL of the gorgeous Victoria Secret models. From sunless tanning mousses to anti-aging, self-tanning serums, this line really does have everything you need to achieve flawless sun-kissed skin. Maybe that's why it was the 1st choice for the sexiest night on television, the VS Fashion Show.

Even more than obtaining a beautiful glow, we really want to get in depth about the anti-aging serum that Alicia Keys has been crediting for her recent "no makeup" looks. This award winning serum has a unique blend of actives including rose, essential fatty acids and cucumber (which help tissue regeneration), cell repair, growth and anti-inflammatory. BUT IT GETS BETTER! The most exciting addition to the formulation is Matixyl 3000. This is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients in the world and assists in filling wrinkles, evening skin tones, and improving the elasticity of your skin.

To achieve best results, apply 1-3 drops of the serum onto your daily facial moisturizer, or apply it directly onto your skin for more concentrated tan results. You can do this morning or night. The velvet textured serum can even be doubled up as a makeup primer for a smooth base to your foundation.

Feeling confident in your skin is EVERYTHING and if there is a product out there that can get us to wear less makeup on a daily basis, we're all game to try it! Mention this Blog to receive 20% off this phenomenal anti-aging serum and try it out for yourself