Spray Tanning Commonly Asked Questions

Is spray tanning safe?

Yes! Our spray tanning solution is 100% safe and is made by Norvell. It is all natural, paraben, gluten and nut free. The solution is organic and works naturally with your skin and body's pH to produce a flawless looking result. There are no UV rays whatsoever used in our spray tanning systems.

Can I breath when I get my spray tan?

Yes you can. As we said previously the solutions are 100% organic. They will not harm you. If you are concerned you can just hold your breath as the mist goes over your face or we offer complimentary nose plugs. Excess spray is immediately removed from the air via the ventilation system built into our spray tanning systems.

Do spray tans still turn you orange like in that episode of Friends?

No! The old "Blue Box" is ancient history when it comes to the Norvell Auto Revolution PLUS machine.  The tanning industry, and spray tanning specifically, have come a very long way since the original blue box spray tanning booths. Our solution guarantees no orange and has bronze and violet undertones to cancel out any orange.  Our systems are the best on the market to date offering a natural looking tan every time!

How long does a spray tan take to have done?

Spray tans only take a few minutes to have done. It actually will probably take you more time to take you cloths off and put them back on then the actual spray tanning process takes.

How tan will I get after my spray tan?

Much like UV tanning this is dependent on your skin. Everyone's melanin reacts differently to the solution. Some people get very dark while other don't get as dark. If you have never had one its really something you just have to try.

Do I need to know anything else?

The most important thing to know is that you should not get wet after your spray tan. We tell clients it really best to sleep on the tan if you can and shower in the morning. Not getting wet includes avoiding rain, sweating, or anything that will make you wet. Getting wet can cause streaking.

How long does a spray tan last?

Spray tans can last 7-10 days depending on how well you care for the tan and how your skin is. If you scrub hard in the shower you can remove the skin cells on your body that tanned as a result of the spray tan.

What should I do during my spray tan?

The most important thing to do is to put plenty of barrier lotion on your cuticles, bottoms of your feel and palms of your hands to prevent the color from developing on them. These parts of your body do not typically tan so its important to keep the solution off of them for a natural looking result. Other than that just follow the prompts the machine gives while your in the booth.

Have more questions?

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