UV Tanning Commonly Asked Questions

Is UV tanning safe?

Yes! UV Tanning is no more harmful than going out in the sun. In fact since you have a certified technician working with you to determine what is a safe amount of UV exposure for you based on your skin type UV tanning is actually safer than you just going out in the sun!

I've never tanned before, how long should I tan for the first time?

This is why we have certified technicians. The amount of time you should tan is based on your skin type. Some people are able to tan for longer periods of time than others initially. As you build a base tan you will be able to tan for longer periods of time.

How tan will I get?

Again, this is something is dependent on your skin type, amount of time you tan for per session, and time period you tan for. People that tan over a period of months are able to get much darker than someone that tans for say a couple weeks.


Do I have to use lotion when I go tanning?

No, but yes! You do not have to wear lotion however, wearing lotion will help to keep your skin healthy by keeping it hydrated. Many of our lotions also contain what is called a bronzer which helps you get color much faster than going tanning without any lotion. In addition to all of that some lotions actually help you tan more over a few days after being in the tanning bed. It really is in your best interest to use a good quality tanning lotion.

What is the longest I can tan for?

It depends on the bed, your skin type, and how recently the bulbs were changed. Some beds have shorter maximum time limits based on the amount of UV rays they put out (in short). The bulbs also play a huge role in how long you can tan. If you tan in one of our beds after going to a tanning salon that doesn't change their bulbs often it is entirely possible to burn in the exact same type of bed. This is why it is important to listen to what our certified staff say as far as the amount of time you should tan for.

Can I tan when I am pregnant?

This is really a question that should be asked between you and your doctor. We do have clients that have tanned while pregnant however it is entirely up to you to determine what is right for you.

Have more questions?

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