Signature Tanning Services Waiting For You

Our tanning services are made up of some of the industries best tanning beds that leave you with a beautiful, glowing, bronze tan! Many times tanning salons fail to keep up their equipment, letting bulbs get old and eventually burn out. Our tanning beds are maintained giving you the most color and tanning rays from each visit.


We offer both low pressure tanning beds and high pressure tanning beds. Whether you are looking for a quick tan for a wedding or event, or you want to get a good base tan to go on vacation, we have highly trained certified staff that can help you safely tan and get that beautiful look you are looking for!

Never been to our spa and tanning salon? Stop out and see us for a free tour. We will show you all of our equipment, answer any questions you have, and give you all the pricing options when it comes to our tanning and spa services.

Are you ready for the areas best tanning services? Contact us today.