If you’ve been living on planet earth the last few years, well then aesthetically, it’s clear . . . the lips have it!

Hydrafacial Black Diamond

If you’ve been living on planet earth the last few years, well then aesthetically, it’s clear . . . the lips have it! Today, there are over 2 million hashtags on Instagram with tagged photos of lip fillers and enhancements. In short: Lip blushing provides major lip service for the aesthetics industry and Complexion Spa is proud to offer professional lip blushing at your service. We are a licensed body art facility through the State of Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services. Let our certified and trained lip blushing technicians bring out the luscious in your lips! Our professionals will take what you already have and make it look more pronounced. We enhance and revive your natural lip color along with softly defining the shape and size of your lips.

Hydrafacial Black Diamond

“O, how ripe in show. Thy lips,
those kissing cherries, tempting grow”


Bikini Waxing

/ Benefits of Lip Blushing

Long-lasting lip color

Increased pigmentation for pale and aging lips

The ability to customize your lip shade

The look of fuller-looking lips without the need for injectables or surgery

Enhanced lip symmetry

Color correction for scars and uneven

Enhanced definition and lip border

Save more time on their makeup routine


Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that enhances the lips’ natural tint and shape, giving them a boost and a glossy touch. It’s designed to define and outline your lips, giving the illusion that they’re fuller, but in a very natural way. A technique called pixelating, or micro-shading, uses a digital machine with tiny micro needles. Lip blushing will enhance and softly define your natural pout and will revive your natural lip color. Essentially, it is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving them definition. This treatment delivers very natural results, once healed.


At Complexion Spa, our goal is to provide each client with exceptional, natural-looking results through the use of advanced technology and techniques through certified training. In addition, our certified Lip Blushing professionals perform all Lip Blushing treatments at our trusted, state-of-the-art facility in West Bloomfield, MI and have extensive backgrounds working with the latest Lip Blushing technology.

What happens during the treatment process?

During your lip blushing appointment, you will discuss color with your artist. Next, there is a pout prep. Your lip area will be gently exfoliated and a topical numbing agent will be applied. Afterwards, the technician will draw the shape and outline of the “new” lips so that you can evaluate and make any changes. Generally, we love to make the cupid’s bow a little more pronounced and add fullness to the sides of the lips, as sometimes the natural color is lost in those areas. Once the client is happy with the shape, we begin the actual tattooing. Throughout the process, you will feel little to no discomfort.

Is the treatment safe? Are there any potential side effects?

Permanent makeup is generally considered very safe. Although it carries the same risks as with any other form of tattooing. The most serious is the risk of infection from improperly sanitized tools and equipment. At Complexion Spa, our professional artists follow an extremely strict and high level of sterile, sanitary, and safety protocols and guidelines as a licensed and certified practice in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards. Specific aftercare instructions will be given that, when followed, will greatly reduce the chance of infection. Our workspace undergoes a thorough sanitation process after each patient and disposable, one-time use sterile packaging is implemented. Your health and safety are top priority.

Is the treatment painful?

The pain is surprisingly minimal. Because the skin on your lips is extra porous, the anesthesia is much more effective than it would be on, say, your brows during a microblading session. Some people report slight irritation after the lip blushing process, but this does not last long.

How long does the treatment take?

Because the mouth is such a delicate area, and the needle used is very fine, the procedure takes slightly longer than some cosmetic treatments. Generally, expect a lip blush treatment to take 1.5 to 2 hours.

How long will my results last?

Results typically last 2 to 3 years. Imagine – not buying lipstick for 3 years!

How many treatments do I need?

Only 1 treatment is required for lasting results. Some people will return to touch up or change their color.

What happens before/after my treatment? What should I do/not do?

After the treatment, your artist will review your aftercare instructions. Immediately after treatment, your lips will be tender and you will have some swelling – it is a tattoo, after all – so you can ice them if necessary. For the first 24 hours, we advise our clients to gently blot their lips with a wet cotton pad and let them air dry. This is to keep the lips clean and remove any body fluids that have surfaced and prevent the fluids from forming scabs. Scabbing typically lasts 4 to 5 days. When it comes to scabs, it’s important that they fall off naturally. Picking them can result in scarring or loss of pigment in those areas.

Throughout the next couple of days, the pigment will appear much darker, and your lips will feel extremely dry and flaky. Initially, the color will be super vibrant, almost like a lip stain. It is important not to be misled by the immediate ‘after’ results. The immediate results look nothing like when the lips are healed. Once healed, the color fades approximately 30-50 percent and also blends in with the natural lip color.

During the healing process, you will want to avoid kissing, smoking, working out, direct and prolonged sun exposure, and hot, spicy or salty food for up to 2 weeks. You should not use teeth whiting products and you should avoid picking or rubbing the lips. Your lip blushing will heal in about 4 to 5 days.

For one week prior to lip blushing, you will want to avoid anything to thin the blood, such as alcohol consumption, aspirin, Advil, or fish oil. On the day of the treatment, you should avoid energy drinks and coffee. For two weeks prior and 1 month following your lip blushing, you should not get laser or chemical peels and no fillers should be added to the lips.

We suggest a touch-up appointment after around 6-8 weeks in the event the client wants to alter the shape of the blush, or to fill in areas that may have rejected pigment, although it’s not mandatory.

What should I apply on my lips after treatment?

We recommend ONLY using a light amount Aquaphor ointment (NO Vaseline, antibiotic creams, Polysporin, etc). Following the procedure, do not use creams that contain acids or ingredients that will lighten or exfoliate the skin. These items trap moisture which keeps the new tattoo from getting air around the lips. Air moving over a new tattoo helps the healing process. After initial healing (7-10 days) use lip gloss with sun block over the tattooed area to preserve color. The continued use of at least SPF 30 sunblock with UVA and UVB protection will help to prevent fading.

Can I kiss someone after my treatment?

No kissing, rubbing or friction on your newly tattooed lips until after 10 days or you may lose pigment. Lips may be dry for 3 to 6 months depending on the body’s reaction.

Can I wear lipstick after my treatment?

Avoid applying lip balm, lipstick, or other lip products during this time. Apply Aquaphor every 30-60 minutes for the first week to keep lips from drying out. AVOID touching any tattooed area with your hands.

Can I eat and drink after my treatment?

Lips will be tender at first after the procedure. Drink only through a straw. Choose to only eat foods you can place in your mouth with a fork without touching the lips.

Who SHOULD NOT get Lip Blushing?
  • Lip blushing is not recommended for those who are:
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Undergoing chemotherapy
  • Have used Accutane within the past year
  • HIV/Hepatitis positive
  • Prone to keloid scarring.

If you have a history of or are prone to cold sores or herpes, the procedure could trigger an outbreak. Prescribed anti-viral medication should be taken 1 week prior to the appointment, and it should be noted that cold sores can affect the healed results of the lip blush.


If you’re interested in learning more about our lip blushing services, we are inviting you to schedule a free consultation with us. Call 248.737.6912 or stop by our facility. We look forward to servicing you and remember, it’s all about your Complexion!