Jenna Shina, RN

Registered Nurse

Jenna Shina, RN
“Everything happens for a reason”
- Jenna Shina
  • Three words my Complexion family would use to describe me:
    Knowledgeable; Hardworking; Loving
  •  My biggest strength:
    Being a quick learner
  • Coffee making skills (1 thru 10):
    4 . . . but I prefer Sulena to make my coffee because she makes it better
  • Skincare product I can’t live without:
    Overnight Cream by SkinBetter
  • Lunch with any person in the world:
    My Aunt who passed in 2009. Dear to my heart and forever missed
  • Greatest Song:
    “Your’e Still the One” by Shania Twain
  • Complexion treatment of choice:
    Anything with PRP
  • Ideal last meal on earth:
    Thin crust pizza with pepperoni and jalapenos
  • If I weren’t so damn good at my occupation, my other profession would be:
  • I love the sound of:
    My baby boy’s voice and laugh
  • Best advice I ever received:
    Never change who you are for the reason of others
  • One thing I love most about being a part of Complexion:
    The family dynamic that we’ve created and how much we all truly love one another! It’s rare to find a work place where everyone sincerely wants the best for each other.